Ayyo Rama (2019) Hindi Movie Download

Ayyo Rama (2019) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Print Free Download, Money is that the would like of the hour for autorickshaw driver Sreekanta, as he desires to calm down in urban center together with his love, Aishwarya. Same is that the case with constable Chandrasekhar, United Nations agency wants cash for his daughter’s operation.

Ayyo Rama(2019) Movie HD Trailer

Director: Vinoda Kumar
Stars: Sheshan Padmanaban, Priyanka, Rockline Sudhakar

A doctor doing banned organ transplantation lands in bother, with Blackmail Bachchan exacting Rs twenty five 100000 to not unharness the video footage of the transplantation. He provides the task of obtaining the video to man.
Ayyo Rama (2019) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Print Free Download
Sreekanta snatches cash from a financier to assist Aishwarya, however can they live jubilantly in Mumbai? can constable Chandrasekhar get the cash for his daughter’s operation? can the doctor face the implications of effecting banned organ transplantation? of these queries area unit answered within the moving picture hall.
Ayyo Rama (2019) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Print Free Download
Director Vinoda Kumar’s decide to churn out a suspense adventure story by victimization cash as a significant cog lacks the required ingredients to stay one on the sting of their seat. lukewarm narration any mars the flow of the moving picture. however Sheshana Padmanabhan shines in his role as Sreekanta.

Ayyo Rama (2019) Full Movie HD Download

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