Dil Diya Galaan (2019) Punjabi Full Movie HD Print Free Download

Dil Diya Galaan (2019) Punjabi Full Movie HD Print Free Download, Dil Diyan Gallan could be a trendy age story supported the lifetime of a woman named Natasha Waraich (Wamiqa Gabbi) United Nations agency is super keen about herself because of her thumping social media fan base. Her life is all concerning the net and on a private level, she is one pretend temperament United Nations agency will everything for the planet to visualize and applaud. However, on the within, she could be a high headed and chesty. She involves London for a vlog shoot Associate in Nursingd happens to fulfill Kulwant Singh aka Laadi throughout one in every of her guest lectures at an Master in Business faculty there in London. each characters dislike one another initially however step by step become friends and so fall enamored. Here, because the story moves, another character gets introduced, United Nations agency is Fateh (Gaurav Kakkar), Natasha’s swain United Nations agency is additionally a social media star.

Dil Diya Galaan(2019) HD Print Free Download Trailer

Director: Uday Pratap Singh
Stars: Wamiqa Gabbi
Chandan Gill, Gaurav Kakkar

Both the social media celebs prefer to keep Laadi on throughout their London visit and once they are getting ready to fly back to Asian nation, things get tearful for each Natasha and Kulwant. once in Asian nation, Natasha loses interest in her social media life and ultimately we have a tendency to see Fateh proposing to her for wedding and at last we have a tendency to see her in a very happy place within the finish. No points for idea what the tip of this romance is. and every one this can be essentially a flashback and solely the tip is that the gift day story. Rubina plays another social media temperament United Nations agency comes across the story of Natasha and Laadi and feels intrigued by their love angle. Finally paving her thanks to their lives, Rubina is that the one United Nations agency confronts the audience with the current day lifetime of Kulwant and Natasha.

Dil Diya Galaan (2019) Punjabi Full Movie HD Print Free Download

So, this was a quick concerning the film and why I’ve written it all is as a result of the story of this film is sweet however its execution might are far better. The film starts at a flat note wherever a non-glamorous introduction makes Wamiqa’s character not too spectacular within the starting. She is seen rebuke the Master in Business students of a London primarily based faculty (including goras) in Punjabi that sounds silly. Then comes Parmish with once more Associate in Nursing humble entry. Initially, he behaves a bit insane, particularly once he is having the low and cookies however step by step he adsorbate his character.Natasha’s character had flaws, truly several flaws that created it unprepared. She could be a social media star however not several apprehend her, apart from a couple of desis. She has been, in step with what she says, everywhere the planet however she does not have a camera team of her own. She is Associate in Nursing freelance woman however does not have the center to warn a lensman of inessential biting and also the same touch, once done by Laadi, is okay along with her, even supposing she is aware of him even as very much like she is aware of the lensman. She carries a drone along with her all the time however we have a tendency to ne’er saw her victimization it. She was in London for a travel vlog however all that we have a tendency to might see is her obtaining photos clicked. Talking concerning Parmish, the act within the flick was far better than what we have a tendency to saw within the trailer. Actually, the trailer wasn’t the most effective cut. His humorous one-liners were funny and his offbeat Punjabi theth dialogues were a win-win for his character. He still must work a great deal on his acting as a result of he simply cannot represent well onscreen. the sole issue that appeared an excessive amount of was his typical words within the film like ‘dhakk’ and ‘pinda beer jatt’ and a couple of a lot of. His faculty life n the film is pretty negligible, even supposing he’s a school student and his work shifts are shown in precisely a couple of shots.
Dil Diya Galaan (2019) Punjabi Full Movie Free Download

Moving towards Fateh’s character, we have a tendency to feel that actor did justice to the silly, fake, social media star bit that was given to him however from what we have a tendency to feel, Gaurav as Associate in Nursing actor has rather more potential than what this character did for him. In today’s world, nobody is thus dumb to not understand that his girlfriend has fallen for somebody else! Rubina Bajwa had a awfully tiny bit within the film however she was moneyed in it. These square measure the sort of roles that Rubina fits best in. the sole issue that did not appear right along with her character was the half once she was seen imagining the couple the least bit the places they have been to once she had ne’er seen them before. Baninderjit Bunny did his bit well and Chandan as angel-priya was a waste because the man extremely had nothing to try to to within the film. The film has been put together directed by Parmish Verma and Uday Pratap Singh and each these men in all probability did not have that tactfulness to traumatize a story like this one. Their flaky vision left United States inquisitive why for several things within the film. for example, the primary 0.5 has such dragged conversations that at one purpose you are feeling like walking out of the theatre. until the interval, all that we have a tendency to see could be a man clicking photos of a lady and them either talking or repetition of words like ‘Kulwant Singh’ and ‘Laadi’. The film is plain targetting the overseas desi students however why create it thus obvious? Talking concerning the romance, why within the 1st place did each these characters fall for every other? There had to be thusme clarity on that characteristic attracted them each to really fall enamored so badly that they are weeping at parting ways that and uttering dialogues like ‘je main gvach gai tu mainu lbhenga’ and ‘main tenu gwachn atomic number 28 dena’ and what not. Also, is not it mannerless on a social media star to easily barge into a bachelor’s housing wherever five men square measure staying along and at that individual moment square measure seen dressing up? Why did not she excuse herself??
Dil Diya Galaan (2019) Punjabi Full Movie Free Download

Also, why was Laadi carrying Reet’s image knowing the actual fact that the woman is gone for good? Then, being a contemporary age extrovert, why Natasha did not have the stand to travel and confront Fateh concerning her freshly found love interest? Why did she stick around with Fateh even supposing she wasn’t into the connection anymore?? What was the dire would like for her to remain with Fateh and drag the story forward? The funniest bit was that Natasha failed to post any of her videos or photos on the social media when returning to Asian nation then however was Rubina ready to see her story on social media, as a matter of truth, United Nations agency within the world was narrating the story to Rubina?? A Ghost? Last however not least, none from the desis United Nations agency square measure students and badly request PR would take pleasure in street fights that means this ‘dhakk champion’ was doing.
So essentially, the story lacked conviction and connect each. every facet was incomplete that is that the reason why the story failed to move United States showing emotion. Actually, the film was thus hollow on emotions that we have a tendency to felt sorry the story that has been showcased as a result of this story might are quite hit if it had been treated with rather more sensitivity and care.

Dil Diya Galaan (2019) Punjabi Download
The songs square measure terribly nice and appealing and you may return involuntarily buzzing ‘eh ne mere dil diyan gallan’. Dil Diyan Gallan would be preferred by the people of 18-24 however the audience that’s maturer and loves observation intelligent cinema may well be unsuccessful to visualize this 0.5 baked cake as a result of ultimately they too can find yourself speech that this film might are created higher. a mean choose for the weekend, Dil Diyan Gallan isn’t that spectacular.

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