Fiker Not (2018) Full Movie HD Free Download

Fiker Not (2018) Full Movie HD Free Download. After months of Urdu preparation, some setbacks and a decent deal of anticipation, Aasma Butt’s latest flick Fiker Not is near to hit screens across Muslim Republic of Asian country on Fri (today). The film is reportedly a mega budget project that has incorporated production techniques at par with trendy movies being created among the country today.

Fiker Not(2018) Pakisthani Full Movie Free Download Trailer

Wed evening in metropolis saw the film’s distributor, IMGC recreation, place on the launch event of Fiker Not’s audio recording where solid members, beside Almas Rubab, Sheraz Sikandar, Shahla amphibian genus, Hamad, Ali Badar Mian Daad, Maham Rahman, Dardana Rahman, producer Ammad Butt and director Aasma Butt briefed participants regarding the script and additionally the flick commonly.Prominent members of the trade like actor Laila, director Jarar Rizvi, Sheeba Butt, Doli Khan and Dr Ejaz Waris to boot attended the event to entails their support and appreciation for Butt. “There could also be a shortage of females directors in our trade. Butt could also be a precocious and creative lady,” same Laila.

Fiker Not (2018) Full Movie HD Download
“I grasp that she was troubled for this film and presently it’s complete. I request the final public to want outing and enjoy it at cinema homes to encourage her,” she side. ‘Fiker Not’ to hit screens on March eleven The cluster of musicians international organisation agency worked on the flick to boot shared wholly totally different incidents from the sets with the audience throughout the screening.

Fiker Not (2018) Full Movie HD Free Download
Singer Maham Rahman and director Ali Badar Miandad unbroken the gang pleased with some numbers from the flick, to it the solid performed more. “It is my first decide to sing for a moving picture which i’m hopeful that people will like my work,” same Rahman. “I was fascinated by this project as a result of it focuses on issues concerning our youth which i think of us will definitely bear in mind my songs for associate extended time. Fiker Not Full HD moving picture transfer.Fiker Not Full moving picture transfer. Fiker Not moving picture transfer. Fiker Not free HD transfer.Fiker Not Full moving picture free transfer.

Fiker Not (2018) Full Movie Free Download

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