Inttelligent (2018) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Print Free Download

Inttelligent (2018) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Print Free Download, Inttelligent Story: The film chronicles the lifetime of Teja, a coder, WHO makes it his life’s mission to form those around him happy till an occurrence changes his life forever. Suddenly, he transforms from a carefree engineer to a revenge-seeking. lethal man.

Inttelligent(2018) Hindi Movie Full Free HD Print Quality Movie Download Trailer

Director: Vinayak V.V.
Writers: Siva Akula (dialogue), Siva Akula
Stars: Sai Dharam Tej, Lavanya Tripathi,

Inttelligent Review: what is in a very name? we frequently raise. there is been plenty of turmoil concerning the title of VV Vinayak’s latest giving ‘Inttelligent’. People most downloaded movies are the additional ‘T’ within the film’s title has been a topic of amusement and curiosity among film-goers. however once it comes right down to business, there is nothing intelligent concerning the means this film has been created. there is the same old serious punches, a small amount of drama and a few laughs — however as an entire package, ‘Inttelligent’ hardly offers something completely different from the same old masala entertainers that Tollywood churns out with dread regularity.

Inttelligent (2018) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Print Free Download
The film tells the story of Teja (Sai Dharam Tej) WHO aspires to be a coder ever since he’s a toddler, with great care that he might work closely along with his mentor Nanda Kishore (Nasser) . A gold medallist student, Teja becomes Nanda Kishore’s hand man and along they run a corporation that helps those in want and serves the poor. However, a fearsome mafia don Vicky Bhai (Rahul Dev) and his gang of goons have their eye on the code company (having already noninheritable acres of land and cash from innocent people). once Nanda Kishore resists the mafia, there area unit severe consequences. however Teja transforms into Dharma Bhai and plots to defeat Vicky Bhai in his own game makes for the remainder of the film.

One of the refreshing aspects during this film is its comedy. The comic temporal arrangement of actors Saptagiri and Rahul Ramakrishna, specially, is prime notch and also the 2 of them overshadow seasoned comedians like Brahmanandam and Prudhvi rule, WHO do not extremely have abundant to supply within the film. Posani Murali avatar is additionally humourous in elements. Recent related published movies are however that is just about all the positives from this film. The much-hyped ‘Chamak Chamak Cham’ song appearance sensible, however the temporal arrangement of it’s outlandish.

Inttelligent (2018) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Print Free Download
VV Vinayak should seriously reflect and re-think however he portrays his feminine leads. Lavanya Tripathi’s role within the film is totally ludicrous. In fact, she hardly has something to try and do except for recreation in songs (which seem out of nowhere). there isn’t any association established between the leads however somehow the film producer places a number of songs arbitrarily, that fully jerk the narrative, and it’s left to the viewer to affix the dots and assume there is a story in there, somewhere. It’s simply lazy filmmaking.

There area unit factory-made fight sequences, to point out off Sai Dharam Tej’s bluster and establish a epic look for the ‘Supreme Hero’. rather than punches, Dharam Tej uses bullets to eliminate his rivals. The actor will what is expected of him however he will appear one-dimensional sometimes. along with his friends (sidekicks) shining with their comic temporal arrangement, Dharam Tej struggles to stay up. He looks uncomfortable shooting romantic scenes likewise. however provide him gun and a number of goons to thrash and also the actor’s in his component.

VV Vinayak looks to own perfect the art of churning out masala entertainers, however it will look like the director is running out of ideas. This time, there isn’t any Mega Star to require the film through. Our a lot of downloaded movies are There looks to be an absence of effort whereas creating this film, and once the film producer does not place within the effort, one might solely imagine the plight of the audience.

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