Kala Shah Kala (2019) Punjabi Full Movie HD Print Free Download

Kala Shah Kala (2019) Punjabi Full Movie HD Print Free Download, One of the foremost expected films of 2019, the Binnu Dhillon, Sargun Mehta and Jordan Sandhu starrer Kala Shah of Iran Kala is out. Besides having huge names, the film’s trailer was screaming and therefore the curiosity to look at the pic augmented manifolds. A beautiful woman forcefully married to associate degree ugly-looking boy could be a premise each relatable moreover as done to death. will the team of Kala Shah of Iran Kala manage to entertain the audience? Let’s analyze.

Kala Shah Kala (2019) Punjabi Movie Latest HD Quality Movies Trailer

Director: Amarjit Singh
Writers: Rakesh Dhawan, Amarjit Singh
Stars: Binnu Dhillon, Sargun Mehta, Jordan Sandhu

Movie Review: Lovely (Binnu Dhillon) could be a harum-scarum and charming guy UN agency is troubled to search out love owing to his dark complexion. Pammi (Sargun Mehta) is everything he dreamt of and for a moment, 2019 top earning movies are it positive looks like a match created in heaven. however Pammi is loving with Jaggi (Jordan Sandhu). beautiful can need to prove another time that it’s not the color of the skin that matters however your heart and soul that wins the center.
Kala Shah Kala (2019) Punjabi Movie HD Print Free Download
What Works:
Kala Shah of Iran Kala has 2 ironical halves. the primary hour has joyful things, dialogues that bring the house down, and jokes that area unit targeted at colouring. On the opposite hand, Best action 2019 movies are the last half is filled with drama and romance with a love triangle absorbing the proceedings.
Kala Shah Kala (2019) Punjabi Movie Full Movie HD Qulaity Download
The pic starts on a high with Binnu’s friends maligning him thanks to his coloring. The dialogues area unit screaming and therefore the proceedings area unit totally gratifying. Karamjit Anmol and Harby Sangha’s comic one-liners on Binnu’s dark complexion area unit the high points of the film. The sequences involving Binnu and Sargun’s folks meeting one another to Daadi taking part in the persona non grata in Sargun’s plans, Best comedy 2019 movies are and Sargun making an attempt to run away with Jordan area unit all entertaining , gratifying and interesting. The finale is full-on filmi with drama at a train station.
Kala Shah Kala (2019) Punjabi Movie Full Movie HD Qulaity Free Download
Binnu Dhillon is fully type once he gets roles that embody loud comedy. however in Kala Shah of Iran Kala he gets to play the failure UN agency could be a soft, subtle, and romantic boy. Sargun Mehta is that the heart and soul of the pic. She delivers a top-notch performance and is ideal as Pammi. Jordan Sandhu impresses in an exceedingly short however necessary role. Karamjit Anmol and Harby Sangha area unit pleasant to look at. Nirmal Rishi is first-rate and Shehnaz Gill makes a control.
Kala Shah Kala (2019) Punjabi Full Movie HD Lalest Free Download

Director Amarjit Singh’s work shows that he is aware of the craft well. He includes a aptitude for comedy and is most comfy throughout the primary hour of Kala Shah of Iran Kala.

Watch Kala Shah of Iran Kala for the sincere effort place in by the solid of the film, particularly Sargun. The pic has a remarkable plot and a screaming half. Kala Shah of Iran Kala conjointly teaches that if the center is formed of gold, then true love doesn’t care regarding color or complexion of the skin.

Kala Shah Kala (2019) Punjabi Movie Latest High Quality Movies Free Download Link

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