Surkhi Bindi (2019) Punjabi Full Movie Download

Surkhi Bindi (2019) Punjabi Full Movie HD Print Free Download, This light-hearted romantic film is concerning Rano (Sargun Mehta) World Health Organization harbours the dream of marrying a fashionable, handsome guy living in Canada. This childhood want stays together with her as she grows up, however the truth round her hits her too. She is aware that she isn’t conventionally stunning to draw in her company, willn’t have the qualifications for immigration nor does she have a fashionable father World Health Organization might sponsor her. Living during a village, all there’s to her rescue is her talent as a makeup creative person. Even when being outstanding at it, she is aware of individuals look down upon it.

Surkhi Bindi (2019) Punjabi Full Movie HD Print Free Download (2019) HD Print Free Download Trailer

Surkhi Bindi (2019) Punjabi Full Movie HD Print Free Download

Director: Jagdeep Sidhu
Writer: Rupinder Inderjit
Stars: Atul Azad, Nisha Bano, Navkiran Bhattha

One wrong step towards fulfilling her dream of travel to a different country and she or he is forced to marry Sukhwinder (Gurnam Bhullar), a regular-looking boy World Health Organization works at a mill. Right before the wedding, the scene wherever her conscience fights—one facet telling her to run away and live a lifetime of her selection and also the different telling her to be a sincere female offspring and think about her parents’ image, could be a moving one. It shows the conflicts a mean woman, from a humble background goes through in her life. Her world falls apart as she succumbs to her parents’ want.
Surkhi Bindi (2019) Punjabi Full Movie Download
The first half the film introduces United States to Rano’s dream, her family background, her wedding and also the new family she moves into. we tend to conjointly get a glimpse of the sensitive nonetheless introvert person who Sukhwinder is. A keen observer, he guesses that Rano isn’t happy. once he probes her, she discloses her need to maneuver abroad. She conjointly tells him concerning her stint at a store. The actor takes the character to a different level along with his innocence and charming onscreen persona. The events that follow form the story. From feat his house to rent atiny low place, fixing a parlour (called Surkhi Bindi) for his spouse, disposal a hand in menage chores to effort the condemnation of the globe that calls him subservient to his spouse, Sukha could be a man each girl dreams of however rarely expresses. And Gurnam’s true-to-the-character performance makes it all the a lot of adorable. The slow developing chemistry between Sargun Mehta and Gurnam Bhullar is palpable.
Surkhi Bindi (2019) Punjabi Full Movie Print Free Download
The last half of the moving-picture show is predictable however keeps you connected still. All the emotions that the 2 live and their family and friends expertise you as a viewer will perceive and relate to them. Rupinder Rupi and Nisha Bano have conjointly done an intensive job of their characters. It’s not the regular Punjabi comedy however is definitely an issue that invokes your sensibilities subtly.
Surkhi Bindi (2019) Download
A fairy-tale it’s going to appear to most girls viewers associate degreed an unreal, immoderate drama to men however this moving-picture show has its heart within the right place. during a patricentric society, to point out a person World Health Organization is therefore validating and out there to his spouse is certain to be thought-about derogatory. however the larger message, that everybody, no matter the gender, has the proper to measure their dreams is that the core of this stunning story.

Watch it for the stellar act displayed by Sargun Mehta and Gurnam Bhullar, their exhilarating story and also the happy ending that stays with you even after you exit of the theatre.

Surkhi Bindi (2019) Punjabi Full Movie HD Print Free Downloada(2019) HD Print Download Link

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