Virgin Woman Diaries (2019) Hindi Season 2 Complete HD Free Download

Virgin Woman Diaries (2019) Hindi Season 2 Complete HD Free Download, Moving ahead from ishq and saas-bhau sagas, the online series Virgin lady Diaries could be a breath of recent air for the audience. Directed by Kabir Sadanand, Virgin lady Diaries revolves around a woman Kiara, WHO is simply on the brink of flip eighteen and getting ready herself for 6 June 1944 – once she would lose her status. Oh yes, you scan that right.

Virgin Woman Diaries (2019) Full Movie HD Print Free Download (2019) HD Print Free Download Trailer

Series Directed by: Deepakk Sunil Prasadh
Series Writing Credits
Manu Chobe … (1 episode, 2019)
Rigved Joshi … (12 episodes, 2017-2019)

Produced by FrogsLehren recreation, the forged consists Delnaz Persian, Amit Bhel, Archita Agarwal, and Dhiraj Totlani. the primary episode of the series is out and that i watched it. Would i’m going back for the second one? scan on to search out out:The series talks a few secret subject, that deserves a thumbs up. Kiara with boldness talks regarding losing her status, exploitation lubricants, lingerie, condoms etc and this is often a treat for the Indian audience obviously.For example, Kiara’s mother is shown as a typical Gujarati mother WHO shouts plenty and tries to create conversations in English. Kiara’s pop is submissive to his loud married person. Kiara meets a line of unattractive boys before meeting Amit, her suer. She conjointly features a best friend-cum-roommate WHO obsesses over Kiara’s status. Yes, you have got seen all of them.
Virgin Woman Diaries (2019) Hindi Season 2 Complete HD Free Download
Kiara belongs to a typical orthodox family wherever her mum is a lot of possessive regarding her daughter’s status than the gold in her locker. however Kiara brazenly talks regarding status and hymen to her folks, that could be a massive no-no.

Virgin Woman Diaries (2019) Hindi Season Download
Kiara is AN urban woman, WHO features a trendy approach towards everything. however – here comes a spoiler – she has AN bewitched pitara (bag), that contains lubricants, condoms, perfume, alcohol and underwear – the result of 2 years’ designing for her 6 June 1944. Seriously? WHO will that?Delnaz and Amit area unit celebrated TV and theatre actors WHO deliver what their characters demand. Archita, WHO is taking part in Kiara, is additionally sensible, however Dhiraj is unquestionably OTT.
Virgin Woman Diaries (2019) Hindi Season 2 Complete HD Download
If you’re searching for one thing to simply pass the time, Virgin lady Diaries will be a one-time watch. Others, stay away. A daring theme loses its approach miserably here during a weak show.
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